Steampunk Waist Cincher Corset


Achieve a fashionable look.

Keep your figure streamlined and in proportion with the quality and Stylish Steampunk Waist Cincher Corset that will show you off to your best advantage.

This corset is designed to embrace the waist. It uses double-layered fabric on the vertical part, boning leather for extra strength and durability, and metal studs on the front. The entire corset is made using the highest quality materials.


1. Loosen the ribbon lace in the back.
2. Open the closure in front.
3. Put on the corset and close, adjust to fit.
4. Pull the lace to tight and make a nod.
5. Adjust to fit until it's comfortable.
6. Okay! Let's enjoy the curving journey!

  • Material : Polyester ad Plastic Boned.
  • Colour : Black, Blue and Red.

IMPORTANT: Please measure your waist & hip before you order.