Breathable Casual Sneakers- Super Lightweight

£39.95 £51.60

Casual sneakers that combine comfort, style and performance. This Super Lightweight casual sneaker is built using the finest mesh for ultimate breathability. The eye-catching color combinations are perfect for any wardrobe.

The Multi-terrain Tread System Brings Excellent Anti-skid Performance and Stability. the Soft Multi-section Sole Design Can Make the Transition from the Sole to the Heel Smooth and Prevent Sprains.

Arch Support Keeps He Original Shape of the Foot, Balanced and Stable over Time, Reduce Fatigue. with These Walking Shoes That Supports Gait and Balance, You Will Be Able to Walk Faster and Have Longer Strides.

Targeted Air Cushion Placement, Reduce the Reaction Force of the Ground to the Heel During Exercise, Reduce the Burden on the Feet, and Protect the Knees.

IMPORTANT: Know your size first.