Oversized Winter Hoodies- With Zipper

£37 £59

Our team designed this "Oversized Winter Hoodie" with Zippers to have a lot of features to keep you warm throughout the winter. This includes a soft fleece lining inside to offer additional warmth.

Thick and warm from the inside- With 1.2 inch surface width

You'll never have to answer the question, "Are you cold?" once you've stepped into one of our oversized, overstuffed winter jackets. Constructed from the finest upcycled materials, each hoodie is created from a mix of wood fibers and bonded polyester-the most eco-friendly blend out there. They're oversized so you can layer up for extra warmth beneath them, they feature front zippers so you can unzip them to let in fresh air, and most boast pockets on either side of the chest to warm your most important appendages.

Key Features: