Heated Blanket

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Indulge in Cozy Warmth All Day Long

Bid farewell to chilly days as you welcome the soothing warmth of our Heated Blanket Sweater. This revolutionary marvel is crafted to elevate your snuggling experience, offering unparalleled comfort that's perfect for those yearning for warmth.

Experience Unmatched Softness

Dive into a world of unprecedented softness with our Heated Blanket Sweater. Boasting 8 heating sheets and 3 adjustable speeds, it guarantees a cocoon of comfort throughout the winter season. Immerse yourself in the softness today!


Customize Your Comfort with 3 Heating Modes

Choose from 3 user-friendly settings with our Heated Blanket, ensuring every moment cocooned in this luxurious garment is tailored to your preference.

The Ideal Gift for Loved Ones

Indulge in the joy of warmth and comfort with our Heated Blanket Sweater—a delightful treat for yourself or a heartwarming surprise for someone special.

Crafted with Professional Expertise

Queen Curves, backed by 6 prototypes and 4 years of research & testing, brings you the Queen Curves Heated Blanket Sweater. Customers have been relishing an elevated and cozy experience since its release.

Versatile Comfort Indoors and Outdoors

This shawl-style blanket with built-in electric heating elements is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether camping, traveling, strolling outdoors, or working in a chilly office, enjoy the warmth and comfort of this versatile heated blanket sweater.

Simple and User-Friendly

Plug it into any USB port, select your desired temperature setting with the button, and wrap yourself in blissful comfort. It's incredibly straightforward!

Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. The sweater includes temperature control, overheating protection, and short-circuit protection features, allowing you to relish its warmth with peace of mind.

Stylish and Generously Sized

Available in a chic dark gray color, the Heated Blanket Sweater measures approximately 59.1x33.5 inches, providing ample coverage and unrivaled comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze! Unplug from the power source and follow the care instructions in the user manual for washing and maintenance.

Embrace the warmth and sophistication of the Heated Blanket Sweater today!